Sensitive skin? An alum block is maybe the answer!

If you have ever been to an authentic barbershop, you will know that it is a special experience. It is the combination of the professional barbers, the atmosphere and, of course, the right products that make for a unique experience. One that most men have eagerly tried to replicate at home through a wide selection of barber products. An element that is often left out, however, is the alum block.

The alum block is the perfect product for those who suffer from sensitive or irritated skin when shaving. By cleansing and nurturing the skin, an alum block can treat any nicks or cuts caused during the process and even stop minor bleedings. But just what is an alum block and how does it work?

An alum block is a crystal-like stone consisting of the mineral alum – a salt commonly found in the Mediterranean as potassium alum. It is popularly used for medical and cosmetic purposes, as it holds antiseptic and antibacterial properties, also making it ideal for use after a fresh shave.

Alum block

An alum block is incredibly easy and quick to use and can be applied after any kind of shave. Just run the block under cold water for a second and then you can start gently massaging your face. As the skin is treated, the salts in the stone remove excess moist and closes the pores, effectively cleansing and nurturing your skin. In addition, alum has a soothing effect on nicks and razor burn, giving off a cooling, stinging feel if the skin is irritated. In this way, an alum block can give an indication of where you can be more careful during your next shave. After application, the alum crystals should dry rather quickly. Then you can wash your skin or apply an aftershave as you like. Make sure to leave the alum block out to dry after use, and store it on for example a DECORATIVE STONE to avoid stains on the sink.

An alum block should not be considered an alternative to an aftershave, but rather a supplement that may help completing your barber experience. With its valuable properties, an alum block thus gives you the perfect finish to a solid shave.

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