For generations the art of shaving has been passed from father to son. We have however found seven basic mistakes which are often passed along too, and which causes irritation to the skin and spoil the pleasure of shaving.

1. Poor or wrong preparation

Unfortunately, this is a classic mistake. A quick splash a bit of cold water to the face is not enough. It actually takes up to three minutes before the skin is clean and hydrated for shaving. Wash your face with lukewarm water and use a moisturising oil before shaving. We (of course!) recommend our best: PRE-SHAVE OIL, which contains almond oil and sea-buckthorn oil, protects the skin and prepares it for the shave.

2. The beard direction is not considered

Hair growth is identical. And it is important to remember that your beard hair grows in many directions. We recommend shaving with the hair to avoid hair in-growth, so it is important that you consider the growth direction of your beard. Do not plan to eliminate the hair, but plan to reduce it. It will grow out again after all.

3. Aftershave with alcohol

Patrick Bateman in American Psycho: “I always use an aftershave without alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out, and makes you look older.” He is so right. Way to many people have continued the old tradition of splashing alcohol to the face after shaving.

4. Dry shave

No shave without cream. You woke up too late and have an urgent appointment, or you just finished your shower – then you find an empty jar of shaving cream. We all know it! But do not be tempted if you want to avoid in-grown hair, scratches or skin irritation.

5. Repeated strokes

Just like the dry shave, many use repeated strokes with the razor. Try to shave efficiently with minimum overlap to avoid ’razor burn’ – blushed, irritated skin. If you miss a spot, you should apply a new portion of shaving cream and take another turn.

6. Worn razorblades

A working razorblade should glide along your face and cut with painless efficiency. Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to forget that a razorblade does not last forever. A razorblade past its “sell-by-date” rips off hair, creates irritation and increases the risk of cuts.

7. Too much pressure

Probably the most common problem, but also one of the worst; we add too much pressure during shaving. The razor is most efficient on a smooth surface, but when you add pressure, the skin surface becomes uneven. Tilt the razor head and rest it on your face, to get a feeling for how little pressure you actually need.

Maybe it is all not rocket science, but by following these few steps, you get a better and more comfortable shave.