Why do I need a pre-shave oil?

If you have sensitive skin or frequently suffer from irritation after shaving, nothing should stop you from using pre-shave oil. The oil softens the beard so that the razor easily cuts through the hairs without scratching or irritating your delicate facial skin.

If you want a painless and smooth shave, preparation is crucial. Unfortunately many people try to take short cuts in their shaving. A touch of cold water in the face is far from enough. It takes up to three minutes before the skin is cleansed and moisturized, ready for shaving. Wash with lukewarm water and remember to use moisturizing oil before shaving. We recommend our finest pre-shave oil, with organic almond oil and sea buckthorn. The oil protects the skin and makes it smooth for shaving.

Note: We often find that many mistakenly wash the pre-shave oil of their skin before applying the shaving cream. The oil keeps the skin moisturized and smooth and provides a smooth shave. Let it treat your skin before and during the application of the shaving cream.