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Sharpening belt


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Handmade and authentic sharpening belt for keeping the Shaving Knife sharp. The Barberians Sharpening belt is two-sided: One side is pure ox leather and used for the final polish, while the other side is a fabric for the initial sharpening. Each end has a ring for fastening and a finger-shaped handle to ensure an easy and safe grip. The sharpening belt is essential to keep the Shaving Knife sharp and polished.


  1. Hook the belt to a wall, a handle or something similar to stretch the belt.
  2. Ensure you have the back of the knife in front during sharpening.
  3. Start with the fabric side to warm up the steel and prepare for the final sharpening.
  4. Finally sharp the knife with the leather side.
  5. Shave. Sharpen the knife often.

Sharpening belt materials

Barberians Sharpening Belt is made of genuine and original high quality ox leather with metal in a copperlook. The materials are high quality and durable and creates a rustic, old-fashioned expression from a barbershop.