Start-up kit


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For the best shave, you need shaving products of the best quality. Take your shaving experience to a higher level with our start-up kit that gives you the essential products for the perfect shave. All of our products consist of carefully selected organic and natural ingredients, and works perfectly on sensitive or irritated skin.

Pre-shave Oil (30 ml)
Provides a smooth surface and prepares your skin for a smooth shave. If you have sensitive skin or frequently suffer from irritation after shaving, you should try our Pre-shave Oil that softens the beard so the razor easily cuts through the hairs without irritating your delicate facial skin.

Shaving Cream (100 ml)
Is a protective and caring soft shaving cream for the traditional wet shave. Shaving Cream foams easily to a rich and creamy foam, ensuring the perfect shave and leaves the skin soft and nice. The shaving cream prevents irritation and blushing.

Shaving brush
Is handmade from the finest hair and produces a dense spread of shaving foam while it feels soft and comfortable on your skin. The Shaving Brush massages and prepares the beard stubbles and skin for a perfect shave.

Face Cream & Aftershave (100 ml)
Is a moisturising and softening face cream, which provides relief and can be used both as a daily face cream and as an after-shave. The Face Cream & Aftershave is softening, nutritious and has a cooling effect, which makes for a perfect aftershave.

Razor/Shaving Knife not included.