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No 1 - Eau de Parfum 100 ml


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We can once again offer our customers a deliciously masculine Eau de Parfum – still in a 100 ml bottle and with a natural spray.

Barberians emphasizes staying up-to-date, and we have therefore updated our Eau de Parfum to a more contemporary version.

Still seductively masculine notes – now with a new freshness.

We hope you welcome our “new” addition to the family.

Fragrance description:

Top: Lavender / Apple / Tarragon / Cloves

Middle: Jasmine / Lily of the valley / Sage / Pine needles

Base: Sandalwood / Cedarwood / Patchouli / Moss / Musk / Amber

Delicious and masculine perfume with hints of spice, wood and citrus. All scents are carefully selected for a perfect harmony and balance. No. 01, Eau De Parfum is a lasting, solid and intense scent. This high quality perfume is one of very few produced in Scandinavia. All ingredients are from the famous perfume area Grasse in France.


  1. Spray No. 01, Eau De Parfum onto your body
  2. Notice that Eau De Parfum is very intense and last twice as long as Eau De Toilette – use a little less
  3. Avoid contact with eyes and open wounds